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1 de julio de 2011

Steelheart: Lanza nueva version de clasico de Led Zeppelin "Black Dog"

Nasty! es como Steelheart menciona el sonido con un toque moderno de la clasica cancion de Led Zeppelin "Black Dog" Por su parte, Miljenko AKA "Mili" ademas de ser el frontman de Steelheart, es bien conocido mundialmente por haberle puesto la voz a Mark Wahlberg en la pelicula "Rock Star".

Durante el 2010 Mili estuvo de gira con "The doors" (Ray Manzerak & Robby Krieger) de alguna manera recreando la voz del finado Jim Morrison. Miljenko es reconocido por su casi perfecta voz, la cual lo llevo a la fama a principio de los noventas con la banda de glam Steelheart, la cual reformo y la llevo a un sonido mucho mas moderno, alejandola del mote glam. La cancion es de libre download y reporduccion y podra ser bajada en la pagina de Steelheart www.steelheart.com

Lucas H. Gordon

Black Dog

"Black Dog"

SteelHeart Records

Available Jun 5, 2011 @ http://www.steelheart.com/



Hard, Heavy & Nasty! Steelheart delivers a modern twist on the classic song "Black Dog" by Led Zeppelin, a must listen!!! Give it 30 seconds and you will be hooked. You may know Miljenko AKA "Mili" by his singing voice for Mark Wahlberg in the movie "Rock Star". You may have also seen him on tour with "The doors" (Ray Manzerak & Robby Krieger) in 2010 transcending the voice of the late Jim Morrison. Miljenko jumps back in the saddle with his band "SteelHeart" to deliver new music to the world. Miljenko's voice is outstanding and the new sound of SteelHeart takes the song to levels that even the hard core Zeppelin fans will approve. Tastefully produced, the integrity was never lost of the original classic. Although SteelHeart began as a glam band in the early 90s, Mili has recently reformed the band and turned it away from the glam scene. Steelheart's new sound is modern and edgy while still retaining overtones of their roots.

Black Dog REVIEW Kimmie M Sharon

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"SteelHeart Evolution"
On tour throughout the world in 2011.

· 2010: Front man for Robby Krieger & Ray Manzarek "The Doors" Performed for the US and European tour.

· Album "Good 2B Alive" written & Produced By Miljenko Matijevic, released in Europe and North America by SteelHeart Records (11/08)

· Shot video for first single, "LOL," promotion Started in March by Rive Video Promotion to X-Core, VH1, VH1 Classics, MTV2 video pools networks etc. http://www.steelheart.com

· Working on a documentary, "Good 2B Alive" Director Dana Altman of www.NorthSeaFilms.com please read press release: http://steelheartmusic.blogspot.com/2009/01/north-sea-films-director-dana-altman.html

· "Rock Star," The movie, Miljenko was the singing voice for Mark Wahlberg as well as the co- writer of the theme song "We All Die Young".

· Album "WAIT" Released only in the Asian territory, the song "Wait" became a hit single in several countries.

· "Tangled in Reins," released with a full tour attached, was abruptly canceled when the lead singer had a life threatening injury from an on stage accident

Discography/past releases - http://www.steelheart.com/music.html

· I'll Never Let You Go" - #14 on Billboard top 40

· "She's Gone," - #1 on international charts for 17 weeks

· MTV Unplugged (Asia). One of the first acts to do MTV unplugged. Shot in Hong Kong, the song "Mama Don't You Cry" was a huge MTV live video hit in Asia

CONTACT: Media@steelheart.com

WEBSITE: www.steelheart.com

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